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Monday, September 27, 2021

CoD Warzone – Season 6: All known info about the release and the innovations

Season 6 is coming and heralds the farewell of Verdansk. We gather all the info on launch time, content and the changes for Cold...
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Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 1.31 is here and fixes many annoying bugs

A new update fixes quest bugs, agonisingly slow reload animation and more. We have all the info and patch notes. Cyberpunk 2077 tiene un nuevo...

WoW DPS Ranking: Which Class is the Best?

We tell you which class currently deals the most damage and is at the top of the DPS list. With the release of World of...
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Humankind – The release trailer whets the appetite for challenging global strategyV

The strategy game Humankind has been available since 17 August 2021, and the developers have released a new trailer on the occasion of this...

The demise of Overwatch – for real this time

The negative news about Blizzard has led to numerous sponsor exits in the Overwatch League. What started out as a shiny new star of...

Fortnite Season 7 Update – All info on Battle Pass and new features

Control UFOs, put an alien on your head and save the world as Superman. Fortnite's Season 7 is coming with some changes An alien invasion,...

Neymar and Ninja play together – Here’s how you can watch

Neymar has announced that he will be playing Fortnite with Ninja, Grefg and FlakesPower. You can find out when and where you can watch...

Ninja earns millions with Epic Games Creator Code

Ninja is the streamer with the most followers on Twitch. Now he told in one of his streams how much money he earns monthly...

New Leak to Genshin Impact Shows Characters and Info on Update 1.5

Leaks for the upcoming update 1.5 of Genshin Impact show 2 new characters and some information about what to expect in the update. Who...
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