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CoD Warzone & Cold War: Trailer introduces new contents of the Battle Pass of Season 2

On February 25, 2021, Season 2 for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone will bring new content for both shooter variants....

WoW Shadowlands: How people reach level 60 in just 3 hours

The "World First" in Shadowlands has reached the new level 60 in only 3 hours. We'll explain how he did it. ince midnight on November...

WoW Shadowlands Guide: Maximum DPS with the Havoc Demon Hunter

The dark masters with their powerful wargleven have embraced devil magic. The Havoc Demon Hunter is one of the damage dealers in World of Warcraft...

WoW Shadowlands Guide: Protect Allies with the Vengeance Demon Hunter

With his inner demon, the Demon Hunter burns his opponents and protects allies. The Vengeance Demon Hunter jumps right into the fight as a tank...

WoW Shadowlands Guide: How to tank properly as a protection warrior

The protective shield for your party also comes with decent damage potential. Protective Warriors function as tanks in World of Warcraft. If you prefer to...

WoW Shadowlands Guide: How to do damage with the Windwalker Monk

The trained martial artists cover their opponents with brutal punches and powerful kicks The Windwalker Monk is a powerful melee fighter who can kick and...

WoW Shadowlands Guide: Refueling with the Brewmaster Monk

The burly tanks use mystical brews to avoid damage and protect friends. The Brewmaster Monk does incoming damage with various brews and defends his allies...

WoW Shadowlands Guide: How to heal properly as a Holy Priest

The versatile healers easily care for single or multiple allies and can even cast heals in death. If you want to heal as a priest,...

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