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Possible Battlefield 6 leak: Should combine all parts of the series according to insider

A leaker claims to have gotten new information about Battlefield 6 via insiders and can probably prove it. The statements raise many questions. Currently, there...

Apex Legends: Why the Battle Royal is Breaking Steam Records

Apex Legends seems to be on a climb and keeps breaking his own player records. We analyze why this is so. We explain to you...

Steam hit Valheim still gets massive new content in 2021

The Viking survival game Valheim presents its roadmap for 2021. Numerous updates and content will be added in Early Access. If you've been on Steam...

Valheim: New content delayed because it is too successful

Valheim's gigantic success shifts the developers' priorities, so that new content appears later than originally planned. Valheim is one of the big winners of the...

Battlefield 6 according to insider with SBMM, but “much better than in CoD”.

Well-known leaker Tom Henderson explains why a new EA patent could become the solution to the SBMM problem for BF6. Currently, the debate about SBMM...

CoD: SBMM debate flares up again, fueled by Cold War analysis

Skill-based matchmaking is hotly debated in Black Ops: Cold War. Now, fans are once again protesting against the controversial feature. Call of Duty Black Ops:...

AC Valhalla: Ubisoft reveals which fatal flaws the next patches will fix

The bug fixing of Assassin's Creed Valhalla continues. Ubisoft already has a plan of what exactly the next patch should attack. Assassin's Creed Valhalla has...

GTA Online: All info on the new submarine and which upgrades are worthwhile

With the Kosatka, the new Cayo Perico update delivers a submarine for GTA Online. We provide you with all the information about the costs,...

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