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OWL: How to get the MVP skin

In the past season of the Overwatch League the San Francisco Shock was the measure of all things. Jay "sinatraa" Won, who is now...

Overwatch League MVP Sinatraa switches to Valorant

The until last best Overwatch professional Jay "Sinatraa" Won leaves his team to become a VALORANT athlete. The initial meme gradually becomes reality. Last night,...

Overwatch: Echo revealed as new addition

After Blizzard fueled the rumor mill with teasers in the past few days, the developer today officially announced the newest hero for Overwatch: Echo....

OWL: Korea Games canceled

In the Overwatch League 2020 there will be home games for the first time, in which the teams travel to different cities and thus...

Overwatch League: New York and Dallas open Season 3

The Overwatch League enters its third season. Right at the start there will be two home stand events. Both New York Excelsior and Dallas...

Overwatch PTR patch with Hero Pools

The new public test region patch for Overwatch brings hero pools and a lot of new content for the workshop mode. Blizzard has applied the...

Big changes for Overwatch

In the new developer update for Overwatch Jeff Kaplan announced major changes. The ranked mode of Overwatch will change and also the Overwatch League...


The Overwatch League (OWL) is losing several top-class talents. In addition to the commentator duo Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles and Erik "DoA" Lonnquist, host Chris...

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