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WoW Shadowlands: Hotfix against resource problem is not enough for many players

From now on you can farm more Anima - but there is a catch. We explain what Blizzard has changed with the new hotfix. It's...

WoW: New event rewards also for standing around for hours

You can complete the Nobel Garden event in World of Warcraft without any racing and, in the best case, in less than two hours. The...

WoW Shadowlands: You can test patch 9.1 soon

We had to wait a long time, now there is finally an official re-release date for patch 9.1 on the test server. The wait is...

Do you have to worry about WoW?

Loot problems, still no information about patch 9.1 and cancelled payment options. Currently, WoW seems to be in crisis. But do you really have...

WoW Shadowlands: Hidden pet Courage discovered, here’s how to get it

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, after a long search, the secret pet Courage has been found. We'll tell you how to unlock it. Since the...

WoW Shadowlands: All info about the valor points

Valor Points are returning to WoW with patch 9.0.5. We'll explain how to farm them, what you need them for, and what else you...

WoW Classic: More than thousand players try restart without bots & inflation

WoW Classic is no longer classic enough for many players. A new initiative is therefore venturing a new start for the old gaming experience...

WoW Shadowlands: With patch 9.0.5. Blizzard will give you a mount

With the upcoming patch for WoW Shadowlands, all players can look forward to The Wandering Urtum as a free mount. Last year, Blizzard asked the...

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