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WoW: The War Within starts beta today, but some of the biggest fans will have to stay out

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The full load of World of Warcraft is of course available with the Collector’s Edition – only beta access is not available

As of today, players can take a look at the beta forWoW: The War Withinand test the expansion, which will be released later this year, extensively. However, secure access is only available to pre-orderers of the Epic Edition.

This is also included in the Collector’s Edition. However, anyone who has bought the collector’s edition will still be left out in the cold during the beta.

No beta access with the Collector’s Edition

If you buy the physical Collector’s Edition of WoW: The War Within for €200 in Blizzard’s Gear Store, you won’t get access to the beta

This fact has since been confirmed by a user on X, formerly Twitter, from official Blizzard support:

How does this acceptance come about?

In addition to a bound artbook and a Griffin Rider statuette, the special collector’s edition also includes the Epic Edition of the expansion If this edition is purchased digitally in the store for 90 euros, it comes with beta access

It is therefore understandable that fans assume that beta access is included. However, this is not listed in the official product description And since the Collectors Edition will only be delivered with the release of the expansion, access to the beta can of course no longer be granted.

Is there a solution?

If you still want to take part in the beta, you must also purchase the digital version of the Epic Edition. The amount will then be refunded when you redeem the keys from the Collector’s Edition

But:Players who choose this method will not receive the refund in their own account, but as credit for Blizzard’s online store.

I have beta access, what do I do now?

To play the beta, a few simple steps are necessary:

  • Open the Battlenet app
  • Select World of Warcraft from the games
  • Click on the “Game version” selection menu above the play button
  • Select “The War Within Beta” beta under “In development” and click on install
  • Once the download is complete, you can start the game as normal

There is a supposedly simple solution to the problem with the Collectors Edition: Blizzard could send the keys in advance by email, but then there would be a risk that players would simply cancel the pre-order of the Collector’s Edition after the beta.

What do you think of this approach? Would there be a better way in your opinion? Let us know in the comments.


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