Diablo 4: Lucky guy finds one of the rarest items in the entire game – twice


While hunting for particularly rare and powerful weapons and armor, a player has almost unbelievable luck and gets hold of two Uber-Uniques

Once you have reached the endgame inDiablo 4the hunt for better and better items really begins. Now you’re working on fine-tuning your build and acquiring the perfect weapons and pieces of equipment for it

This requires a lot of perseverance as well as a certain amount of luck, as the best items are often also the rarest. One player who presented his find on Reddit was particularly lucky, however.

Incredible run of luck

Unique weapons and armor are already extremely rare items in Diablo 4, but they also include the so-calledUber Uniques, which are considered the rarest and often the strongest items of a class. Many players never get to see them or have to farm numerous bosses to find such an item.

And Reddit userdsharonihas now even found one of them twice. More specifically, it’s the coveted Harlequin Crown, which he noweven has a version with four larger affixes

The RNG gods truly smiled upon me
byu/dsharoni indiablo4

The Harlequin Crown is considered by some fans to bethe strongest item in the entire gameas it offers some powerful advantages.

In addition to its already great stats such as additional maximum life, faster resource generation and cooldown reduction, it has two other strengths: You get 20 percent damage reduction andfour additional ranks to all your abilities This makes the crown an extremely valuable addition to any build.

I’m happy for you

Other players can hardly believe dsharoni’s luck. His post is teeming with comments jokingly expressing their envy:

Congratulations, the whole subreddit hates you now.


I’m happy for you!


Send Hate!


What the lucky finder will do with the duplicate item is questionable. Some comments suggest that the item should be disassembled for fun in order to unlock it as a transmog. However, dsharoni cannot pass on the crown, as unique items are bound to the respective character.

Of course, your equipment is by no means everything if you want to survive difficult boss fights or nightmare dungeons. That’s why we explain the best current builds for each class in our big guide.

Have you ever had similar luck in Diablo 4 or its predecessors and got hold of a particularly rare item? Or are you still hunting bosses and hoping for such a great drop? Let us know in the comments below: