New World: Aeternum coming soon to consoles


Amazon Games has announced the release of New World: Aeternum for consoles during Summer Game Fest 2024. The popular action RPG in October for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. This release brings with it a major content update and cross-play functionality to unite players across platforms

New World: Aeternum offers console players the same extensive world as the PC version. This includes all previous updates and the “Rise of the Angry Earth” expansion. In addition, there is a lot of new content, such as the first extensive player-vs-player zone and a challenging raid for ten players. Solo trials in the endgame and improved leveling mechanics are also included. New character archetypes and an improved dialog system significantly enhance the game experience. Players can now enjoy the adventure either alone or in multiplayer mode with other adventurers.

Gameplay & customization options in New World: Aeternum

In New World: Aeternum, shipwrecked explorers are stranded on the supernatural island of Aeternum. Here they must take their fate into their own hands and face the numerous dangers and opportunities. The combat system is skill-based and dynamic, combining swords, firearms and magic to create a complex experience. Players can fully customize the appearance, fighting style and abilities of their characters. Every action in the game, be it collecting plants or defeating enemies, affects the character’s powers and abilities. This vibrant world and the sophisticated crafting mechanics provide hundreds of hours of gameplay.

Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Amazon Games, emphasized the importance of community feedback in the development of New World: Aeternum. The dedicated player base has been instrumental in shaping the game. The console version includes special features such as target locking, aim assist, controller navigation and improved accessibility. The game will be available digitally for $59.99, while the Deluxe Edition with additional content will be offered for $79.99.

Pre-orders and additional content

Pre-orders and players who log into the game before October 14will receive a special wolf mount PC players who already own the original New World and the expansion will receive all new New World: Aeternum content for free. This game continues Amazon Games’ promise to create high quality and fun games.

New World: Aeternum will be released digitally for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Steam onOctober 15, 2024