Nintendo Switch 2: New rumors hint at backwards compatibility and more


Can we really take all our “old” Switch games with us?

The Nintendo Switch 2 has still not been officially announced. But the rumor mill is picking up speed

This is why it’s important:As things stand, Nintendo will at least unveil the Switch 2 this financial year. However, the company is still keeping quiet about possible specifications.

In detail:In the past few days, two leaks have emerged that deal with different data of the Nintendo Switch 2.

  • The latest leak comes from the YouTube channel “Moore’s Law is Dead” (MLID).
  • The podcast features Taylor Christensen and Jacob Sutton, the founders of developer studio Infuse Studio, which developed Spirit of the North for the Nintendo Switch, among others.

    Many ports at the beginning:Specifically, it was about ports of current Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X games|S.

    • If the previously assumed specs of the Nintendo Switch 2 are true and the performance is actually at the level of the Xbox Series S, we can probably expect some ports.
      In this case,
    • developers wouldn’t have to make too many compromises to bring their titles to the Switch 2.

    However, this will not be so easy to do forever, as the developers explain. After all, the original Switch had a similar start in terms of its ports due to its long life cycle

    • While many ports were still in the works at the beginning of the Nintendo Switch, fewer and fewer fresh games can be found on the console, as it can no longer provide the performance for current engines such as the UE5.
    • The Switch 2 could also suffer the same fate in a few years’ time, when new console generations from Sony and Microsoft are on the horizon.

    More job ads for Switch Online: As the X/Twitter user “Stealth40k” discovered, Nintendo is also working on the paid online service.

    • The company is currently looking for several front and back-end engineers as well as another lead for Nintendo Switch Online.
    • This has now led to a rumor that the online service could be taken over almost directly for the Nintendo Switch 2.

    This leads to several positive points, as the portalNintendo Lifeexplains. Existing game libraries – such as the NES collection – can be taken directly with you when you move to the Switch 2

    • Purchased DLCs could also be transferred to the new console in this way, which in turn is an indication of the Switch 2’s presumed backwards compatibility.