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Although VALORANT has still not been released, Riots Shooter continues to make headlines. The legendary Korean organization T1 is now the first in the world to sign a professional for Riots FPS.

T1 engages the first VALORANT professional
After Braxton “Brax” Pierce (better known under the old Nick “swag”) announced already on February 28th that he would end his CS:GO career and bet on the release of Project A, his new home is now known. The North American star will play and stream for T1 from now on.

In addition to his great talent, swag had become known above all for his involvement in the iBuyPower match-fixing scandal of 2015. As a reaction, developer Valve had banned him from his tournaments for life and ended the American’s young career before it could really begin.

In VALORANT, Brax will be able to play without any prior charges, and he is confident that he can build the best team in the world with T1 and that they will achieve great goals.

What do you think of the commitment? Which organization will follow next? Tell us via social media!


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