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The top 5 highlights of the CS:GO Minor Qualifiers

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The minor qualifiers for the CS:GO Major in Rio de Janeiro are over. We have collected the best plays and surprise moments for you. Even a German shone.
Even with the teams that are not clear candidates for Major victories, there are always impressive scenes. Our Top 5 show you what happens when CS:GO pros give their all for the win and a spark of luck is added.

Place 5: pietolas Galil Ace
Lauri “pietola” Hietala is probably not yet familiar to most people. The Finn showed against OG what we can expect from his region in the future – and that with the rather weaker Galil. But it was not enough for the victory. OG promoted his team out of the tournament with 0:2.

4th place: Flushas 4k Clutch with the Glock
For many CS fans Robin “flusha” Rönnquist is one of the CS legends. But with Fnatic he has to go the long way through the minor qualification. The Swedes missed the last major in Berlin. He showed how good he is at the moment against SMASH Esports: With a clutch in the Pistolround.

3rd place: Fribergs Ace against Nordavind
Adam “friberg” Friberg proved that there are other very good options in weapon selection besides the classic rifles like AK, SG553 and M4 against the Scandinavian roster of Nordavind. With the XM1014 (Autoshotgun) he cleared one by one and contributed his part to the 16:13 victory on Nuke.

2nd place: kRYSTAls 1v1 on Nuke
To end up in a top list, you don’t always need a clutch against five opponents. Kevin “kRYSTAL” Amend showed that with an absolutely brilliant play on Nuke. In the all-decisive round on the last card Nuke he manages to fall silently from the Heaven to the A-Spot. A feat that requires a lot of practice and usually makes little difference.

Not only his teammates were surprised by the play, as the tweet of Martin “STYKO” Styk showed: Also his opponent Mateusz “mantuu” Wilczewski had not expected the trick and still aimed upwards. The play promoted kRYSTAL’s Team Godsent to the minor.

First place: Xantares’ Ace Clutch
Anything is possible in Counter-Strike. This is probably what İsmailcan “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş from the Berlin clan BIG thought. On the decisive Map Inferno, the Turk won after a seemingly failed ecorunde


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