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Shift Up: Future plans for Stellar Blade and new projects

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South Korean game development studio Shift Up is planning a PC version and a sequel to its successful game Stellar Blade. According to Gematsu, this information comes from the studio’s recent IPO filing with the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI). In addition, Shift Up is working on a new cross-platform project codenamed Project Witches.

According to the filing, Project Witchesis currently in the early stages of development. The game is scheduled to be released globally for console, PC and mobile devices with cross-play functionality, but no earlier than 2027. Shift Up describes Project Witches as the “next generation of subculture intellectual property (IP) that will surpass Goddess of Victory: NIKKE”. Comparable subculture IP include games such as Genshin Impact, Honkai: Star Rail and Fate/Grand Order. The studio plans to intensify development in 2024 with new hires.

ForStellar BladeaPC versionand a sequel are under consideration, with an exact release date yet to be determined. The filing states: “We are developing a new IP, Project Witches, for a release in 2027 or later, and are considering a PC version of Stellar Blade as well as a sequel.” Shift Up emphasizes that the ability to develop successful new IPs will allow the company to grow sustainably, compared to other game companies that rely on existing IPs.

Details on Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade was released on April 26 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and distributed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game has exceeded the sales expectations of Shift Up. In addition to a possible PC version and sequel, new gameplay elements, including downloadable content and IP collaborations, are also planned. Shift Up is taking a global approach to simultaneously deliver updates worldwide to ensure a consistent gaming experience.

The document also highlights that AAA console titles such asGod of WarandFinal Fantasyhave shown tremendous potential, with over 66 million and 185 million copies sold respectively. These successes serve as a model for Shift Up to extend the life of Stellar Blade through quality sequels and create a long-term monetization base.

Shift Up’s strategy focuses on not only expanding existing games, but also creating new, innovative IPs that can shape the industry. With Project Witches and the planned expansions for Stellar Blade, the studio is positioning itself for future growth and sustained success in the games industry.

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