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With Black Ops Cold War Treyarch wants to continue the success of Modern Warfare and Warzone. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the game.


Release and Download
On November 13th the time has come. Then Black Ops Cold War will be released for all platforms that are already on the market at that time. Pre-orderers can already start the download now and get started on the consoles at midnight on the 13th. For the PC, the release on Battle.net may be delayed for a few hours.

The download may already take you a few hours. The game is big, but you can download it in different packages:

PS4: 95 GB
PS5: 133 GB
Xbox One: 93 GB
Xbox Series X/S: 136 GB
PC: 35GB (Multiplayer) / 82GB (Complete game) / 125GB (Complete + 4K graphics)

On the consoles you can also uninstall single packages afterwards. This saves you some precious disk space.

Battle Pass & Modern Warfare
Like Modern Warfare, Season 1 does not start directly with the release of BOCW. You will have to be patient with this until December 10th. In the time before that you might already have a Season 0 Battlepass or at least get some special items for playing before Season 1.

Until then, a remake of the map Nuketown will be released on November 24th. With the release of Season 1, your rank will not only be reset in the new offshoot, Modern Warfare and Warzone players will also start at rank one.

Therefore you will level in all games at the same time. Even if you continue to play Modern Warfare only, BOCW will take over the rank you have there when you start the game for the first time.

All News

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