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Three call-of-duty titles share a ranking system in parallel. At the start of the first Cold-War-Season all players start from zero. Items earned in Modern Warfare and Warzone are kept.

The first season of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, starting on December 10, sets everything to zero. As Activision announced last week, the older titles Modern Warfare and Warzone will be synchronized with the newly released Cold War. This also affects the ranking system.

With the start of the first season of Cold War, all players start again from the beginning in the ranking system. However, players of the older titles will retain all of the content they have earned, such as skins, weapon modifications, perks and equipment.

The achieved ranks of the Cold War season will increase synchronously in all three titles. So if you have more than one title, you can continue to play your rank in each of the three with your current progress. An interesting effect is that players without Cold War can earn corresponding weapons of the new title in the older version.

Every new weapon of Cold War is playable for Warzone. A weapon transfer between Cold War and Modern Warfare is excluded. In the ranks of Cold War Season, however, the name changes from Enlisted Ranks to Military Ranks, which can be earned in levels 1 to 55.

In addition, Prestige Ranks are assigned, which can be earned up to level 1,000. Every 50 levels, players receive a reward. The Prestige Ranks in Cold War start with the release on November 13th, in the titles Modern Warfare and Warzone the hunt for prestige starts on December 10th with the start of the new season.


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