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Find the Impostor and eliminate them before they eliminate you. In Among Us, you must prove yourself either as a cheater or crew member to win the game. The fantastic thing about the game is that you have the opportunity to crossplay. That means you can play with gambling from other platforms without any problems. How this works and on which platforms the deduction game is available, we show you here.


Which platforms are available for crossplay?

Currently there are three different options to play Among Us:

PC (Steam)

The only difference between the PC version and the mobile versions is the advertising. Since Amoug Us is a “Free to play” game on the cell phone, advertising is shown, but you can hide it for a small amount of money. Unfortunately the game is not yet available on consoles, but hopefully this could change soon due to the increasing popularity of the game.

Crossplay with PC and Mobile
The developers of “Among Us” really like us players, because you don’t have to do anything to play crossplay. Every time you join a game, players from different platforms are thrown together. Crossplay is automatic because you will be matched with all available platforms each time.

If you want to start a crossplay game yourself, you can open a game as host under the menu item “Online” and select the desired features. Then click on “Confirm” to switch to the waiting lobby and give the four-digit code to your friends. They can use the option “Online – Private” to type in the code and thus join the game. Whether the friend plays on the PC or on the cell phone is irrelevant.


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