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Patch 10.23 heralds the preseason in League of Legends and brings many new features to the game. A completely redesigned item system is at the heart of the update – we’ll show you the most important items and how to use them.

The new LoL preseason began on November 11th on all live servers worldwide. In addition to numerous changes to champions, it brings with it a revolutionized item system with two new categories: Legendary and mythical items will from now on provide greater variation in game styles. What exactly the respective categories are supposed to bring and which items you should definitely try out, we will show you here.

Mythical Items: The top of the pyramid
The highest level of the item build from the new preseason on are mythical items. Each champion can only own one of these per game, but they also have the greatest effect on their strength.

Some items that were considered the most expensive and important items in the past have been raised to the mythical level by Riot Games, others have been completely re-introduced into the game. Depending on the character and opponent, different mythical items are recommended. Here are some especially important for certain champion categories:


This mythical item is perfect for the archers among the champions. It also gives attack damage, but above all speed. Increased attack and movement speed allows shooters to quickly dodge at a distance and cause a lot of damage. Similarly, Kraken Killing is recommended against tanks.

Sunfire Aegis:

The former Sunfire Cloak has been elevated to Mythics under a different name in the preseason. As before, the item aims to give tanks special stamina and thus survive the opponents in long battles. For this purpose it also sets enemy champions on fire. The Frostfire Glove has a similar effect with the opposing element and deceleration.


Eclipse should be a consideration for Assassins. It grants your champion more movement speed and a shield for two seconds when it deals damage to enemies. In addition, all other items receive an extra four percent armor penetration through the blade, making Assassins all the more dangerous.

Night Harvester:

Assassins and thugs that do magic damage should take a look at this item. In addition to normal damage, it deals 175-250 points of magic damage and gives the wearer additional movement speed. All Legendary Items in possession also receive an additional five points of ability speed.


The former strongest class: Legendary Items
Legendary Items were once the crown of creation in League of Legends, but are now the second most powerful class. Many of its representatives have been raised to the Mythic level to keep the overall strength of the items relatively constant. Some new Legendary Items have also been added, while players may recognize others as old acquaintances.

Infinity Edge:

The absolute classic for Sagittarians remains at the level of the Legendary Items. With increased attack damage and an additional probability of critical hits, this item does not go wrong as a shooter.


This item still belongs to the inventory of every wizard who can do physical damage. More mana and at the same time more attack damage should still prove useful for them. Manamune now grants a little more ability speed, but the additional mana cannot be increased anymore.

Force of Nature:

This new legendary item is designed to protect tanks from magical attacks by enemy champions. More health points and magic resistance combined with increased movement speed could be just what you need against an annoying mage on top or mid-lane.


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