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While players are still looking forward to the new season in Modern Warfare, Activision is providing more and more information about the successor. Yesterday they unveiled the zombie mode.

After many small teasers, quizzes and mini-trailers, the official trailer for the Zombie Mode in Black Ops: Cold War was finally released yesterday evening. It explains in detail what changes in the newest zombie branch and what stays as usual.

Full integration in the main game
In Black Ops: Cold War, the regular multiplayer, Battle Royale, and Zombie modes will probably be more closely intertwined than ever before. According to the developers there will be items for the Zombie mode in the upcoming Battle Pass.

In addition, all unlocked weapons from the multiplayer or warzone will also be available in Zombie mode. This change is controversial for zombie fans, because according to the trailer, complete equipment kits can be taken into battle right from the start. Up to now, the player always started with one pistol only and then had to earn better weapons.

Crossplay is also supported in zombie mode. As a PC gamer, you can for example play together with friends on the PS5 or Xbox Series X and survive one round after the other. And it gets even better: According to the developers, the upcoming Zombies content will be available for free.

New story, familiar faces
The story of the new zombie mode should not be related to the old parts. Nevertheless, besides the zombies with glowing eyes and hellhounds, well-known characters such as Grigori Weaver and Frank Woods are returning.

The cards are similar: The Machine, around which the new story revolves, and Night of the Undead. At the end of the trailer you can already see the old boss from Night of the Undead.

Players will learn the story of The Machine through notes that gradually tell them more about the failed experiment. There also seem to be new machines where you can listen to parts of the story.

Familiar gameplay with small changes
But the rough principle of the zombie mode will not change. This also applies to some weapons and perks that can be seen in the trailer. For example, the classic Ray Gun is included, with which you only have to hit zombies once.

There are also some streaks to be seen. So you can seemingly get an autonomous gun, let a chopper gunner fly over the map or unpack the war machine yourself. At the same time there seems to be at least one new wonder weapon in the form of a giant plasma thrower.

It’s a similar story with the Perks: Juggernog comes back in the classic vending machine, but the pack-a-punch machine looks a little different than in previous parts. In addition, there is a machine with the inscription Elemental Pops, which could bring more Perks.

The new zombie mode seems to be mature. Whether players can actually start a round with full equipment has not yet been confirmed by the developers. We will keep you up to date.


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