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With the support of the ancestors, shamans can use the purifying powers of water to heal serious wounds

The Restoration Shaman adds a healer option to the Shaman’s two damage specializations. He is also one of the best healers in Shadowlands, as our current healer rankings show.

The most important changes

As a Restoration Shaman, you should prioritize the following attributes:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Versatility
  3. Critical hit chance
  4. Speed
  5. Mastery

Your spell repertoire now includes the abilities Chain Lightning Bolt, Weapon of Flame Tongue, Frost Shock, and Lightning Bolt Shield. The former Earth Shield talent is now available to you as a normal ability.

Water Shield is back and grants you 50 mana every five seconds. If you are hit by melee attacks, you will get 2% of your mana back. You can only have one elemental shield active on you at a time.

WoW Shadowlands Restoration Shaman
Spring tide is one of your most important spells, it HoT is often available, doesn’t cost much mana and heals properly.

A new talent that you gain at level 25 is Surge of Earth. This consumes up to three charges of Earth Shield to heal up to six allies near the target of your Earth Shield spell by 864 health per charge consumed.

Healing Tide Totem lasts two seconds longer due to a new spell rank. The Mana Flood Totem gains 100% more range with a new spell rank.

To play the Restoration Shaman

Put your Earth Shield on your tank and Water Shield on yourself. When casting your healing spells, be careful not to heal more than is absolutely necessary.

Remember that your Deep Healing mastery allows targets with less health to receive more healing. Cast Flood whenever possible.

When additional healing is needed quickly, Healing Surge is the tool of choice. If there is more time, Wave of Healing will not eat up your mana supply as quickly.

15UndulationThe caused healing of every third use of Wave of Healing or Healing Surge is increased by 50%.
25Echo of the ElementsSpring Tide, Lava Eruption, and Healing River Totem have two charges. Effects that complete the remaining cooldown of these abilities generate one charge instead.
30Static ChargeEach enemy stunned by your Energy Storage Totem reduces the cooldown of Energy Storage Totem by five seconds, up to a maximum reduction of 20 seconds.
35Eathen Wall TotemSummons a totem with 20,940 health that lasts for 15 seconds. When allies within ten meters of the totem take damage from attacks, 351 damage from each of those attacks is redirected to the totem.
40Graceful SpiritReduces the cooldown of Spirit Shifter’s Favor by 60 seconds and increases your movement speed by 20% while this effect is active.
45Cloudburst TotemSummons a totem at your feet that gathers energy from all your healing spells for 15 seconds. If the totem is destroyed or its duration expires, the stored energy is released and heals all injured allies within 40 yards. Casting a second time while the totem is active will release the stored healing. Maximum of two charges.
50AscendanceYou transform into a Water Ascendant for 15 seconds, doubling your spawned healing and instantly healing 9,049 health. All healing you cast is distributed evenly to allies within 20 meters.
WoW Shadowlands Restoration Shaman
Your chain healing is only effective on multiple stricken allies

If you need to heal multiple allies, use Healing Rain and Chain Heal. In a pinch, use your longer cooldown abilities like Cloudburst Totem and Earthen Wall Totem.

Spirit Link Totem allows you to temporarily reduce damage to the party and equalize health between party members. You can also temporarily increase your healing with Ascendency. In consultation with your party, you also have Battle Frenzy/Heroism on offer.


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