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Coins of Brokerage, Soul Ash, Anima: In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands there are a lot of things you can farm. We’ll explain why you need them and how to get them.

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands there are a lot of currencies and resources to farm, which you will need for various things. In the following article, we have created an overview of the things you can collect and earn.



We’ll also explain where you can find each resource and why you should collect them. Depending on which aspect of the game you value, you should focus on different resources.

All resources of the Pact Sanctum

Once you have joined a pact at level 60, you need to expand it further. For this you need two things: Anima and Redeemed Souls. Without them, you won’t be able to upgrade your sanctum, and you won’t be able to climb fame levels.


What do you need Anima for? Anima is the soul energy in the Shadowlands that keeps the store running, so to speak. You need Anima to unlock some features like the Travel Network, the Anima Ladder, or the Pact-specific feature.

Soul energy is also used as currency to commission tasks at the command table and to let soul bonds learn talents. So you should always farm as much Anima as possible.

How do you farm anima? You get Anima by completing world and dungeon quests, as well as for killing rare enemies and dungeon bosses. You can also always find some Anima in crates, obtain it through PvP quests, or choose it as a substitute reward at the Great Treasury if the other offers don’t appeal to you.

Redeemed souls

What do you need Redeemed Souls for? Just like the Anima, you need Redeemed Souls within your Pact Sanctum to unlock and upgrade the individual Pact features. Therefore, Redeemed Souls are also extremely important if you want to upgrade your Pact Sanctum.

How do you farm Redeemed Souls? Redeemed Souls are currently only available through a weekly quest. You cannot farm them in the traditional sense. Depending on your fame level, you will receive different amounts of Redeemed Souls each week after completing the quests.

Grateful Offering

Why do you need grateful offering? There is an armorer in your Pact Sanctum who offers the grateful offering in exchange for items. Among other things, there is also a legendary memento for the Runecutter.

How do you farm grateful offering? Once you have built your animal rider in your Pact Sanctum, various quests will be unlocked, at the end of which grateful offeringwill also be waiting. The higher the level of our animal rider, the more grateful offering we can farm.

Coin of Brokerage

What do you need middle coins for? Sometimes we get the quest Rare Resources in our Pact Sanctum, where we are supposed to get three Coins of Brokerage. At the end of the quests, we usually get rich loot in the form of gold, anima, equipment, media and consumables. We also get 1,500 bonus reputation with the faction of our quest giver.

How do you farm Coins of Brokerage? You get the coins from rare enemies (rare mobs). However, they are not always easy to find or defeat. We recommend that you go with a group or your guild members to complete the quest.

All resources in the Torghast

In the Tower of the Damned, there are not only various instances waiting for you, which you can complete together or alone. The Runemason is also chained here – you need him to craft legendary items.

Soul Ash

What do you need Soul Ash for? The legendary reagent is needed by the runemason so that he can forge legendary items for you or upgrade already crafted items. If you are mainly interested in powerful equipment, you should definitely farm the ash weekly.

How do you farm soul ash? You collect Soul Ash by completing individual Torghast levels. Two hallways are unlocked each week, where you’ll have to fight through a lot of enemies on different difficulty levels, either alone or in groups. If you complete the entire level and hit the final boss in the mouth, you’ll be rewarded with soul ash. The higher the completed level, the more soul ash you get. Just note that you can only complete each level once per week.

Memories of the Runecutter

What do you need the runecrafting memories for? You need the memories to be able to forge legendary items. Depending on what class specialization you have and what piece of armor you want to forge, you will need different memories.

How do you farm Rune Smith memories? You can get the memories in many different ways. Some memories are obtained from dungeon bosses, some are obtained from Torghast, and some are obtained through reputation rewards from the various factions. It’s best to check directly with the runemason which memory you are looking for. There you will always find information on how to get them.


Runecarver WoW
This is what the memories of the runecarver look like.


All Resources in the Maw

The Eye of the Dungeon Master, several monster armies and a merchant await you in the Maw. Here you will also collect redeemed souls for your weekly pact quest.


What do you need Stygia for? Stygia is the currency of the merchant Ve’Nari, who is the only friendly being in the Maw. You can exchange all kinds of items for Stygia, which will give you improvements for the Maw or Torghast. A reminder of the Runecutter is also waiting for you here. However, compared to the other resources, the currency is not too important.

How do you farm Stygia? You get the Maw currency by completing quests, but also by killing enemies in the Maw. However, since the Eye of the Dungeon Master opens wider and wider with each enemy death and eventually kicks you out of the Maw, you cannot farm Stygia indefinitely, but have a limited quota every day. You will also lose Stygia when you die in the maw – but you can collect them again when you return to your corpse.

Ve'nari WoW
The merchant Ve’nari trades Stygia for Torghast and Maw enhancements.

Farming gold and other resources

Apart from the new currencies, you can of course farm gold, honor, equipment and reagents for your professions as usual. Depending on which aspect of the game you value, your farming priorities will look like this.

But since you can always use gold, we have a separate gold guide for you:


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