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In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands there is a new currency called Redeemed Souls. Find out why you need them and why they are important here.

If you have already reached level 60 in WoW Shadowlands and have chosen one of the four pacts, you will enter the endgame phase of the game and will be flooded with a whole range of tasks and related collectibles.

In addition to Soul Ash, Anima and Stygia, there are Redeemed Souls, which are especially important for your progress in the Shadowlands endgame. We will explain where you can get the souls and what you can use them for.

For this you need Redeemed Souls

If you have already chosen a pact, you can start directly with the pact campaign, which is your new storyline after the general main story, so to speak. In the course of the quest series, you will unlock your Pact Sanctum.

Within the Pact Sanctum, there are four unlockable Pact features: The Travel Network, Animal Rider, and Command Table are common to all pacts, while the fourth option is specific to your pact. To unlock these options in your Sanctum you will need Reservoireanima and Redeemed Souls.

Sacntum Reservoir WoW
You can see how many redeemed souls you have in your sanctum reservoir.

How can I farm Redeemed Souls?

While you can get Anima from rare enemies, dungeon raids, and world quests, you can only get Redeemed Souls through a weekly quest. You will only get five Redeemed Souls per week. So you can’t farm the souls in the classic sense.

However, there is the possibility to get Soul Keeper upgrades by increasing your fame level, which in turn unlock better versions of the fame quest, so that you can eventually bag a full 20 Redeemed Souls per week.

Reaching the following fame levels will increase your weekly quest reward from redeemed souls:

  • Fame level 1: 5 Redeemed Souls
  • Fame level 15: 10 Redeemed Souls
  • Fame level 24: 15 Redeemed Souls
  • Fame level 32: 20 Redeemed Souls

This is how many Redeemed Souls you need in total

If you want to unlock and fully upgrade all of your Sanctuary features, you will need to farm a total of 243 Redeemed Souls. So it will take you quite a while to gather enough Redeemed Souls. To avoid having to farm for 49 weeks, we recommend that you increase your Fame levels.


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