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Teamfight Tactics has recently been released for smartphones. How the mobile version plays and which weaknesses it still has – SPORT1 tested it.

The game principle is now widely known. In Teamfight Tactics the eight opponents start on a carousel platform and try to get the best starting unit for themselves. But due to the change that there are only level 1 units at the beginning, the pressure is much less. Afterwards they move on to their own chessboard, where round after round first computer opponents and then real opponents appear.

The goal? To build a composition that has as many or good group effects as possible and offers both stamina and a lot of damage.

More than one port
On the smartphone, TFT is not surprisingly as exact as on the PC. The principle of the game and the control options are identical, even though the buttons and the layout have been adapted to mobile gaming.

The left side of the screen offers an overview of the synergies, the items and the emotes. Only one of these three submenus can be displayed at a time. In the lower corners are the EXP purchase (left) and the Re-roll (right).


On the right side you can see the names and life bars of all players. The respective icons are selectable and teleport the camera to the respective platform. At the top, aligned to the right, the champion selection appears. Buying by one-touch – very self-explanatory.

Small but nice
Of course, everything on the mobile phone is much smaller than on the desktop PC or laptop at home. According to this, things like repositioning units or assigning objects are associated with a higher demand on dexterity. After two or three games, however, it works by itself.

Graphically, the app is in no way inferior to the PC offshoot, but sometimes reveals minor weaknesses and errors in the background. Whether these streaks are caused by a certain ability or unit isn’t apparent. In all played rounds the game remained completely free of any delays and dropouts.

By the way, the game is played with the all-inclusive Riot account. The opponents are either mobile themselves or sit in front of their computers. The ranking mode is also already active in the app.

The bottom line is that TFT Mobile looks very round and polished. Riot Games will certainly eliminate the smaller bugs in the next weeks and months. Compared to the computer version, the app gives a more entertaining gaming experience, even though the rounds are still just as long. Teamfight Tactics is a limitlessly playable free-2-play title on the mobile phone, which offers a real added value for veterans as well as for newcomers due to the crossplay mechanics that have been available from the beginning.


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