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The games evening with friends has to be cancelled? We have the right solution! You can also play together with your friends on the net.

Dice must roll: Yahtzee Online
For a relaxed round of Yahtzee you are in good hands at PlayOk. Simply log in or enter as a guest, select a table or open your own. The table number can easily be communicated to a friend, alternatively you can wait until an unknown opponent joins.

Don’t be surprised, the first throw always happens automatically and you also have to keep an eye on the time. If it runs out, you have lost automatically.

On the start page there is also a selection of many other games, such as Backgammon or Mensch Don’t be annoyed.

Classic: Chess online
Chess is the classic and easy to play online at Create a game, link to your friend and off you go!

For the real village gamers: Schafkopf Online
There is a large sheephead community at Sauspiel. According to its own statement, there are about 690,000 members on the platform. Unfortunately one must register oneself also for an informal play only once.

Maps and a map: Settlers of Catan
For fans of the strategy game Settlers of Catan, there is also an alternative. The free game Catan Universe is available for iOS, Android, and Steam. It is also playable in the browser. Both single and multiplayer games are playable.

There is also the app Catan Classic for the mobile phone, which offers similar game features.

For strategists: Risk Online
A strategy game that has led many a quiet evening into a heated discussion. The risk clone Impera comes with 80 cards and an easy start.

Hasbro himself also has an app on the market with which you can play on your mobile phone.

For the creative ones: Monday Painter Online
Even drawing works of course via the Internet. The website offers a simple mode how to play against strangers or friends. Three rounds and diligent gaming via online chat make the game very entertaining.

This is just a selection of the games that are available online and that are usually played at the games evening


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