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The new shooter VALORANT from Riot Games is scheduled for release in summer 2020. Since Thursday there is another agent to admire.

Valorant released a new trailer on Thursday. This time it is about the Russian agent SOVA.

In this trailer you will not only see the Agent, but also two of his four abilities – the Owl Drone and the Signature Ability Recon Bolt.

Each character or “agent”, as the characters in VALORANT are also called, has four abilities. One core skill that they can use for free each turn, and two more that must be purchased before each turn.

If you don’t use them in a round, you can take them with you to the next round. As a fourth ability, each agent has an “Ultimate”. This extra powerful ability must be recharged with kills before you can use it.

These are the abilities of SOVA:

– Shock Bolt – Fires an explosive bolt. After the impact, it generates a pulse that causes damage.
– Owl Drone – Launches a controllable drone that can mark wounded enemies.
– Signature Ability:Recon Bolt – Fires a bolt that reveals enemies standing near the impact.
– Ultimate Ability: Hunter’s Fury – Distributes up to three shock waves across the map. Each enemy hit is marked and takes a large amount of damage.


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