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Since the release of Modern Warfare, the CoD franchise has often been praised for its fair microtransaction model. A Blueprint from Cold War ruins this system.

Blueprints in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War are actually variants of a weapon with skin and attachments that can also be earned normally. That is, except for the optics, nothing changes in the weapon and the variants do not bring any gameplay advantage.

That’s why the microtransactions were praised for their fairness in the last two CoD titles. But that might have changed now. A Mac 10 Blueprint from the Season 1 Battlepass makes the weapon significantly better than the standard variant in all respects.

The problem with the blueprint
The problematic Blueprint is called “Chivalry” and is found in the Battle Pass at level 95, so to get it you first have to pay money to get the Premium Pass and then either play a lot or buy the levels free with more coins.

In return, you’ll get a Mac 10, which continues to deal 40 damage per headshot instead of 30, just like before the nerf. But that’s not all: the base damage of the weapon is also about 30% higher than it should be. As a result, you’ll deal the same damage with the Chivalry at distances over 15 meters as you would with the normal weapon at short distances.

The bug will destroy the entire Battle Pass system if it is not fixed. Furthermore, there is also the question of whether other Blueprints are also overpowered and no one has noticed the bug yet.

It remains to be seen until the developers comment on this. Considering all the bugs and meta problems in Warzone, a hard intervention is urgently needed.


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