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The Sunfire Aegis loses its supremacy. Tank items will be adjusted. The changes to the Champions game strengths in League of Legends patch 11.2 are now fixed.

Update (January 12):
On Tuesday, Riot’s Gameplay Design Director Mark “Scruffy” Yetter further detailed the planned changes for the upcoming LoL patch via Twitter. Yetter has already published concrete figures for the item adjustments in particular.

For example, a total of three tank items that have been dwarfed by the strength of Sunfire Aegis since the new items were introduced will be strengthened. The mythic items Turbo Chemtank and Frostfire Gauntlet will become 400 gold cheaper, while the Gargoyle Stoneplate will provide more resistances. In addition, the Sunfire Aegis loses its effect that gave the bearer more Ability Haste. Instead, it now rests on the Turbo Chemtank, while its Tenacity, which is the increased resistance to CC effects, is transferred to the Sunfire Aegis.

The Shurelya’s Reverie item, on the other hand, is being revamped to be more appealing to shield and healing supporters.

In addition to the extensive item changes, there are also champion adjustments. Successful champions like Darius, Nunu, and Maokai will take a nerf in Patch 11.2 on January 20, while LeBlanc, Caitlyn, Senna, and Soraka, among others, are expected to emerge stronger from the patch. More detailed information on the champion adjustments will follow on Wednesday.

Preview from January 8
With Patch 11.1 released on January 6, nothing stands in the way of the start of Ranked Season 2021. Since January 8, players can compete for points for the rankings in Season 11. Meanwhile, Riot Games is already thinking about upcoming changes and possible problem points in the game. Gameplay designer Mark Yetter shared the developer’s thoughts on Twitter on Thursday evening.

Burst Damage and Strength Balancing
Back in December, Yetter announced on Twitter that he would be making adjustments to items that do burst damage at the start of the new Season. These can’t be flawlessly classified as a buff or nerf per item, as some stats are always increased while others are decreased. For example, the Assassin item Prowler’s Claw gets lower active damage, but grants twice as much Ability Haste. More adjustments of this kind should be coming in patch 11.2.

Riot Games also plans to make many rather marginalized champions and items playable again in the future. Yetter doesn’t go into more detail here for the near future, but vaguely mentions that characters like Shaco, Senna, Shyvana, Singed, Veigar, Dr. Mundo and Soraka are generally meant. Apparently, Riot Games even has smaller reworks in mind.

Also in focus are some types of Mythic Items. Especially on the support and tank position, changes are supposed to be made to the price and stats of the items soon. In general, Riot Games wants to bring more balance into the game with the aforementioned changes and make sure that none of the played positions seem disproportionately stronger than the others.

Yetter emphasizes, however, that not all of the points mentioned will be directly integrated into patch 11.2, but are to be understood as general focus points for the entire season.


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