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Currently there is a lot going on in the world of VALORANT. On 29.04. a new update will be released. And that’s what it’s all about. Ranked Mode is finally coming!

With the patch 0.49 Riot brings several features the community has been waiting for since the start of the closed beta. In addition, many bugs have been fixed that could have reduced your gaming fun.

Besides the obvious changes there are some minor fixes. For example, Omen’s Ultimate can now be heard less far away, but invincibility doesn’t last as long after teleportation.

Furthermore, the character design of the agents Omen and Breach has been adjusted. There are also fixes for Sage’s Ice Wall again, so that unfair boosts can hopefully be ruled out now.

Great features
All fans of competitive shooters should be very happy about the new update. Ranked Matchmaking is now in the game, but it may take a while until the access is activated.

But this is not the only big news. For custom games there is now finally the possibility to fly through the map! So the update already fulfills two of our wishes for the beta.

Many small changes
Otherwise there are a number of mapfixes to eliminate unfair tactics and exploits. For example, there is now a curtain over Haven’s Doubledoor that is supposed to keep curious people from looking over it.

The UI has been changed as well. You can now find the options for starting matches under a different tab, and there is also a “new match” option after each game.

Another little highlight in the patch notes: “For all shotguns the center of the crosshairs has been moved one pixel to the middle of the screen. The developers expect a 4,000 percent increase in shotgun lethality.”


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