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Dreamhack and ESL conclude an exclusive contract with Twitch. A blow for platforms like Youtube and Facebook.

With the freshly closed three-year deal, the tournament organizers grant Twitch extremely important digital rights. From 2021 on, the complete ESL Pro Tour will be shown exclusively on Twitch.

This includes legendary tournaments like the ESL Pro League, ESL One Cologne or the Dreamhack Masters. This means that it will not be possible for other platforms to show the most important CS:GO tournaments until 2022.

Extension of a long-term cooperation
In the official press release it says: “The new media partnership strengthens our long lasting cooperation and shows how important Twitch is for us and the community”.

The cooperation is to guarantee better quality for the streams. In addition, better sponsorships are to be found, which will allow more budget to be put into the productions.



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