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Are big changes coming up on Agent Omen? Rott’s character designer “Morello” was able to get hints about this in the live stream.

“Omen is the character who needs the most work”

During a VALORANT stream, Morello answered questions from his chat and Omen was taken up as a topic. Especially his dazzling ability was in focus. The character designer freely said that big changes are pending for Omen:

According to Morello, the effect of the abilities should not change too much. The main focus is rather on the application and “tuning”. But the graphical elements are still missing and therefore you can’t just patch the changes into the game.

But not only the ability “paranoia” is not yet in the final stage. Morello also said that Riot is not quite satisfied with the smoke of Omen and his Ultimate:

Especially the Ultimate behaves erratically with the sounds and Riot plans to eliminate these irregularities in the future. As last information about Omen he told the audience that Omen’s character model is not final yet.

Instead of the current glowing eyes under his hood, his final design will be based on the shown concept from the beginning of his gameplay trailer. But the graphics have not yet been implemented into the game.

When exactly the changes are supposed to come couldn’t be elicited by Morello, but we can already prepare ourselves for it.


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