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Distinct and with clear dominance: This is how the LCK final in League of Legends looked from T1’s perspective. The record world champion is crowning himself champion once again.

3:0 ‘against Gen.G – This is certainly not what any League fan had in mind before the final. The fans were eagerly awaiting the duel between the two best Korean teams, only to see Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and his men show no mercy in the end.

The final game was even played offline. Of course, without any spectators and with special precautions. The teams also had to be at the location earlier than usual.

For T1 the big duel even started with a small setback. Because the team arrived half an hour late to the agreed location and was not ready yet, the lineup was denied the first two bans. Gen.G did not demand this decision, but the officials came to a decision.

In the end, nothing changed and T1 won the LCK for the ninth time and defends the title from the Summer Split 2019.

There is no place at the Midseason Invitational this time. The event was cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic. Also the seeding for the Worlds was adapted.


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