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The Korean Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism confirmed on 7th May that it was organising a national Esport tournament in November between China, Korea and Japan. The tournament will be hosted by the Korean capital Seoul.

Competitions in four different titles have been announced, but have not yet been specifically identified. Not only PC titles are to be covered, but also mobile games and other consoles. The exact selection of the games will be made by the three participating countries, and Korea will be allowed to select one or two titles as the host.

Depending on the discipline, the countries will then put together national teams to determine the winner.

According to the Korean ministry, the competition between the three countries will be the preliminary stage for future events in which the number of participants will be increased. The organizers have other Asian countries in mind before they plan to go global in the future. The goal they have set themselves is the inclusion of Esport in the Olympic Games.

Asked about the impact of the Corona pandemic on preparations, the ministry announced the following: “The tournament will definitely take place in November.” If the restrictions to combat the pandemic have not been lifted by November, the tournament will be held online.


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