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Those who already stop at the spawn in one round of the VALORANT Beta should have to live with more consequences in the future. Developer Riot Games wrote this on Twitter.

“We are bringing a change that will increase the penalties for AFKler. This includes longer cue penalty for AFK players who missed several rounds. We’re keeping that in mind in case it affects server stability. Please take the games you sign up for seriously.”

That’s what the VALORANT makers wrote on the official game Twitter channel. This addresses a problem that is currently disturbing many gamers in ranked and unranked matches.

Because if you are drawn into a game, but then after a while you don’t play anymore and just stand around at the start, you destroy the gaming experience for everyone involved.

Riot writes on the support page about AFK: “There is a time penalty that increases with every offense.” Anyone affected by this will receive a timer that will expire. The future will show how the changes will be implemented.


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