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With “Operation Void Edge” Rainbow Six: Siege gets its first major content update in 2020, and we have compiled the most important information for you.

With “Operation Void Edge” the game developer Ubisoft starts the first season of the meanwhile fifth year since the original release of the tactical shooter Rainbow Six: Siege.

For holders of the Year 5 Pass, the content is available immediately and can be unlocked from 17 March onwards using the View and R6 credits. The remaining content of the season is generally free for all players.

This brings “Operation Void Edge
Among the most important changes are definitely the two characters “Iana” and “Oryx”, as well as the rework of the Map Oregon:

– Operator Iana: The attacker from the Netherlands has a Gemini replicator and is therefore able to control a holographic representation of herself.
– Operator Oryx: With his characteristic feature, the Remah attack, the Jordanian-born defender can easily run through walls and climb hatches.
– Map Oregon Rework: Updating the Oregon map creates more open and structured areas. There are new paths and entrances that you will need to adjust to.

More updates here at a glance:

– Drone spawning: From now on the attackers’ drones will spawn from the selected spawn point and no longer randomly.
– Barricade Debris Consistency: Destroying a barricade with a weapon or melee hits will create many smaller pieces of debris.
– Twitch: Twitch’s drone can only do one point of damage in the future. However, it is able to regenerate its shots, which keeps the drone valuable later in the game.
– Lesion: In the future the defender will no longer be able to see his own mines through walls. In addition, they will no longer cause damage by simply being triggered. Instead, the damage per tick has been increased from four to six points.
The patch will be 69GB via Platform Uplay and 66GB via Steam.

You can read the exact patch notes on the official Ubisoft website.

What do you think of the new Rainbow Six: Victory Update? What do you think is successful and what not? Feel free to write us your opinion via social media!


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