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After it has already hit numerous other events, it now also hits the Dota Pro Circuit. The Los Angeles Major has been postponed indefinitely by Valve and ESL.

Travel restrictions were the last straw
The main reason for the postponement is said to be the new restrictions on entry into the USA. These state that in most cases, entry to America is to be prohibited if the person has stayed in Europe (with the exception of Great Britain) in the previous 14 days.

Even before the new restrictions were in place, the ESL was considering holding the tournament without spectators due to the corona epidemic. The decision to postpone the Major, which has now been implemented, is mainly explained by the travel problems for the majority of the players.

Originally there were reports that the Major will be cancelled completely:

It is not yet known when and how the alternative date will be. For the 16 qualified teams it is now time to wait and see.

We will keep you informed as soon as the new date and place of the Major is announced.

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