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The Twitch livestream platform has been unpacking the ban hammer more often lately. Now soccer star Neymar has been hit.

As an occupation far away from the pitch, PSG star Neymar has also been building a career as a streamer for some time now. In games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive he entertained his fans there.

But even soccer stars are probably not safe from Twitch banns: Last night Neymar’s channel was banned on Twitch. There is currently no known reason for this, nor is there any information about the length of the ban.

Currently there are two reasons why the Brazilian could be banned. In one of his streams he was called by his player colleague Richarlison. He held his cell phone into the camera where the number of his teammate was visible. As a result, he received an extremely large number of messages.

It is also suspected that Neymar was also banned for copyright infringement. Many streamers use music in the background to which they do not necessarily own the rights. Accordingly, Twitch is now increasingly taking action there.



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