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Season 11 in League of Legends will begin on November 11, 2020, with a completely redesigned item system and numerous champion changes. There will also be a new ability

The preseason in League of Legends begins as planned in great style. The official Season 11 will begin on November 11th. Server maintenance is scheduled to begin at 5am on Wednesday morning. These are expected to take more than an hour. According to Gameplay Design Director Mark Yetter, Patch Notes 10.23 contains 15,000 words.

Especially the size of the changes of the preseason make the patch 10.23 a special one. Since November it is known that 23 new Mythic Items are coming into the game. In addition there are 13 new Legendary Items and 9 Epic Items. Even the number of 28 edited Legendary Items is impressive.

A new ability is the ability “Haste”. This replaces the previous cool down reduction. This new ability can only be activated with certain items, buffs and runes. Instead, it can even reduce the cooldown of some mythic items and thus ensures a faster repeated use, which can make a clear difference especially in teamfights.

Mark Yetter also has a fitting explanation for the new ability: “It’s easy to compare it to armor. You get as much of it as you want and the value is always the same”. The more often the ability Haste is charged, the more casts are made per minute.

In addition, 13 champions were adapted for the new item system and the mana pool at 30 champs was also customized. It is currently unclear how the “Jungle Starters”, which replace the classic jungle items, will work.

Original news on October 19, 2020

As the year draws to a close, so does the end of the tenth season of League of Legends. For the preseason, which begins in November, Riot Games has already announced a number of new features that are steadily increasing. Already in September, the development studio teased a revised and two categories expanded item system, for which details are now known.

Own mythic items for each champion category
Mythical and Legendary items will be introduced as completely new item categories in the League of Legends preseason. While the mythical items will be limited to one per champion per game, they will also be tailored to each champion category: There are sniper myths, tank myths, assassin myths, and so on.

The items are coordinated so that they can counter the item of the respective counter champion. For example, for a 3,400 gold value, highly skill-oriented characters can purchase “Liandry’s Anguish”, whose damage is augmented by a percentage of the maximum health of the opponent’s tank when activated.

What’s New for Champions in the Eleventh Season
Riot Games Champion Designer August “August” Browning posted all the preliminary changes to the Champions on Twitter at the start of the six-week PBE testing phase of the new preseason:

According to August, highly Worlds-relevant champions like Caitlyn, Jhin and Senna will experience some nerfs in the upcoming season. Interestingly, Yasuo and Yone are being buffed in the same move, although they were criticized by the community for a while in the last season as being far too strong.

In contrast, Viktor, for example, who was forgotten for ten long seasons, will be made relevant to the game again through generous buffing. August adds in his documents, however, that all changes he reveals in advance are not yet set in stone. Therefore it is probably still a test phase, which is only accessible on the PBE servers.


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