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The first Esport hotel in the world opened in Japan in early July. Hotel e-ZONe is located in the heart of Osaka and specialises in esport and gaming fans.

Japan’s commitment to their country’s growing esport community will not stop. This is where the first Esport hotel has opened, which is specially adapted to the needs of gamers.

High-end PCs and mini rooms
The three lower floors are equipped with 72 high-end PCs for guests. These are each equipped with webcam and gaming periphery to fulfill all wishes.

The hotel also offers a stage for esport events and tournaments with large screens for spectators.

Accommodations are located on floors four to eight. Most of these are typical Japanese small capsule beds with very limited free space.

On the seventh floor, e-ZONe offers premium rooms that also include gaming setups. They also have private bathrooms. The top floor is reserved for female guests.

In the heart of Osaka.

e-ZONe is located in the city center of Osaka, the second largest in Japan. The hotel is located in the Nipponbashi Shopping District, which is similar to Tokyo’s Akihabara District.

Similar to Tokyo, Nipponbashi is also a stronghold for anime and manga fans, while electronics and games dealers can be found everywhere.

One capsule is available from just 1,000 yen (8.20€) per night, while the large rooms are up to 8,000 yen (65.62€).


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