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Campers are a common problem in many shooters. In Call of Duty: Warzone you will regularly come across various types of campers. We’ll show you how you can easily trick them.
In Call of Duty: Warzone you will regularly encounter campers. Campers are players who make themselves comfortable in various locations and lurk for their enemies. With this tactic, they hope to surprise and overwhelm their opponents. So always keep your eyes open in areas with houses.

This is how to lure your camper out of cover
As is well known, it is not so easy for campers to give up their position in a house or on a roof. In a duel they usually have the height advantage on their side and storming through the house to the roof usually ends in a gulag for you.

Normally it takes a lot of time and energy to overwhelm campers in Call of Duty: Warzone. Most players use the Killstreak: Airstrike and send them into the gulag on the houses.

In the following video you can see a team at the harbour in Verdansk under hail of bullets from campers on a roof. The initial situation is anything but good for the team on the ground. Fortunately, the player ESDROS has a great idea how to get the situation under control. You should definitely remember this trick:

The community player takes his chance, storms into the house, works his way up the ladder and takes a stand. He uses the Airstrike as a deception. The opponents flee the airstrike and flee into the house. They land directly in front of the ESDROS sight. He overpowers the entire squad with ease. An ingenious move!


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