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An extra buff for Vipers. Developer Riot Games wants to make the unpopular VALORANT agent even better in the upcoming patch 1.04.

Viper will be strengthened next week. This was revealed by VALORANT developer Coleman “Altombre” Palm on Reddit on Wednesday morning. Although he did not yet give any information about the exact changes that will be made to Viper. What is clear, however, is that the poisonous agent is to be played much more often.

Riot Games had already made Viper much stronger with the patch 1.02 at the end of June, but it has not yet been enough for the community. Because currently Viper is hardly ever played. According to the website Blitz.gg only two percent of the players decide to play Viper. The higher the ranks of the players, the less often the American agent is chosen.

In addition to a buff for Viper in the upcoming 1.04 patch, Riot Games would like to achieve, according to Altombre, that all in-game characters are equally strong and are played equally often.

The 1.04 update is scheduled to be released around July 21st and will focus on balancing the agents.


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