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The new anti-cheating “Trusted Mode” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive causes problems. Useful third-party programs will also be blocked.
Valve has been using his new secret weapon in the fight against Cheater since Wednesday: Trusted Mode. The update blocks third-party programs from the game.

Whether the new mode will finally bring the Cheaters under control is only apparent in the upcoming matches. However, the update comes with a problem: all third party providers that are actually useful for the game must first be officially registered by Valve. Before the software is approved, it is automatically blocked and the program cannot be used.

Useful programs are blocked
A problematic result of the trusted mode was announced by streaming software OBS on Twitter. Streamers can no longer transfer the game via Game Capture, but must generally capture Windows Capture without full-screen mode.

Players who do not want to use Trusted Mode can also issue it via the console with ‘-untrusted’ before the start of the game. However, users are not matched in match making with players who have enabled the mode. NVIDIA GeForce was also automatically issued to

players. The software actually only ensures that the monitor and graphics card are synchronized and get the best POSSIBLE FPS out of the game.

Valve is already working on the problems
Developer Valve addressed the complaints on Twitter and is already working on solutions. Thus, framerate issues caused by third-party vendors appear to have been fixed by the CS:GO developer. So if you have problems at the start of the game, it may be due to one of the programs.


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