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How to solve the quest to get Fischl for free

From November 16, 2020, another event in Genshin Impact will start, allowing you to play the Princess of Verdict Fischl for free.

Genshin Impact’s “Distant Stars” event has started and offers a special reward: the electro-character Fischl, which is a strong upgrade over Lisa, which you will receive during the campaign.

You can earn the heroine via the meta-quest “Pact of the Princess”. But the event offers even more rewards. We’ll provide you with all the information about the individual sections of the event and explain how you can earn Fishless at no extra cost.

Why is Fischl a good reward?

Fans of Genshin Impact already know that the game is relatively stingy with its rewards. This is one of the biggest problems for us, too. Being able to add a new character to your team completely free of charge is therefore a welcome change from the usual mini rewards for quests and the like.

Who is Fischl? You have been able to get Fischl via the lootboxes since the game was released. She is an archer with a rarity of four stars. In battle, she can summon a raven, which causes electro damage.

Long Quest Series for Fishbones: To obtain Fishbones, you must complete all tasks in the “Pact of the Princess” quest series by the end of the event. To do this, you not only have to complete event quests, but also various challenges in the various phases of the event

Builds for Fischl

If you don’t know which values are good for fishies and which items you should equip them with, then we can help you with our guide. In this guide, we will introduce you to a supporter build and a damage dealer build for your character and focus on items that you can work towards without buying lootboxes.

How does the event work?
“Distant Stars” itself will take place in three phases of varying length. In contrast to the old co-op event, this time you won’t be forced to play together with other users. Although you can do the tasks together with friends, soloists may also try their hand at them alone.

– Adventure level 20 reached
– Event job “Unknown star” completed.

– Start of Phase 1 “Unknown star”: November 16, 2020, 10:00 a.m.
– Start of Phase 2 “Star of Deceptive Dreams”: November 18, 2020, 4:00 a.m.
– Start of Phase 3 “Star of Destiny”: November 23, 2020, 4:00 a.m.
– Mini games: November 16 to November 30, 2020, 03:59 a.m.
– Action dealers: 16 November to 6 December 2020, 03:59 o’clock

Phase 1: Collection tasks
In the first phase you have to roam the game world and collect some meteorite shards. Their approximate position is indicated by a light blue circle from the minimap. You will be rewarded with Mora and primary rocks.

Phase 2: King of the hill
At the beginning of phase 2 you have to complete a small quest again. This will unlock the new challenge “Salvage the Meteorite Debris”, which can appear anywhere in the world. Mona can mark the exact locations, which you can also find in the open world after completing the quest.

This is how the challenge works: For “Salvage the Meteorite Debris” you have to complete a kind of King of the Hill mode and kill a number of enemy waves. The opponents will also receive an elemental carbonus during the course of the fight. You can negate this by using the correct element.

Here’s what you get for your efforts: If you have killed enough enemies around the debris, you can use Primordial Resin and receive rewards in the form of Friendship XP, Dwindling Star Power, and Adventure XP.

That’s how often you have to do this: The task “Pact of the Princess”, with which you get Fishbones, requires you to secure 14 of the meteorite debris. To complete this meta-quest, you only need to finish the King of the Hill mini-game. You can save yourself the trouble of using the primeval resin.

What does Phase 3 bring?
The task of the last phase is still unknown. We will update this article as new information becomes available.

Here’s the reward
In the first two phases you will get “Power of the fading stars”. The last one gives you “Essence of the fading stars”. Both can be traded at the action dealer. He has the following on offer:

– Material for the figure ascent
– Material for talent enhancement
– A hero’s wisdom
– Mystic reinforcing ore
– Crown of Wisdom

More rewards for mini-quests: There are also a number of smaller quests that are grouped together as a “meteor wave”. In return, you will receive Mora and Primordial Stone. You can use these to draw new characters and weapons into the banners.

The numerous currencies of Genshin Impact can be quite confusing. We will explain which ones are available and what you can use them for.

What’s next?
The next major update for Genshin Impact is scheduled for December 2020. Some information about version 1.2 has already been leaked in advance. So we already know a lot about the new area and the upcoming characters.

Also check out our article about the best build for Fischl


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