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In Genshin Impact you will soon get fish for free. We introduce two builds for her that will make her really strong.

Genshin Impact gives you another character in the current event, Fischl. But just because a character is free doesn’t mean it’s bad. On the contrary: Fischl can become really strong with the right build. We will tell you how to do this.

What can Fischl do?
First of all, we’ll give you a quick overview of what Fischl can do and what skills she can use in combat.

– Rarity: 4 Stars
– Weapon: Bow
– Element: Electric
– Elementalskill: Summons the raven Oz, which deals electro damage in a small area.
– Elemental Burst: Fishline turns into Oz, is faster and causes electro damage.

Build as Supporter or DPS
You can add Fischl to your team either as a supporter or a pure damage dealer. Depending on what you choose, you will have to adjust your equipment.

Since the following builds are primarily aimed at Free2Play players, we will not list the rare 5-star weapons only available via Gacha, but prefer to use specific playable or at least very common items.

– Best values: Percentage bonus on electrical damage, elemental mastery, percentage bonus on attack, recharge rate
– Weapon: Rusty bow / Favonius hunting bow / The sinewless one
– Artifact Set: Thundering Fury (Midsummer Court)

This is how you play Supporter: In your Supporter build, you fully rely on Fischl’s electro damage and replace it when your skills are about to wear off. Besides the obvious bonus of electro damage, it is also worthwhile to increase the elemental mastery and the recharge rate.

This is what the artifacts bring: An artifact set of four parts “Thundering Fury” not only increases your electro damage, but also related elemental reactions like “Overcharge”, “Under Current” and “Superconductor”. As a bonus, it also reduces your cooldown, allowing you to use Fishl’s abilities more often.

Damage Dealer
– Best values: Krit damage, Krit chance, percentage bonus on attack
– Weapon: Compound bow (blacksmith)
– Artifact Set: Gladiator (encountering storm terrors), Berserker (encountering storm terrors)

This is how you play Damage Dealer: As a Damage Dealer, you should focus on increasing both your attack and your physical damage. For most of the time, Fischl will not do any electro damage. Although there are better options than the compound bow as a weapon, you can make it at the blacksmith’s and don’t have to rely on luck.

This is what the artifacts bring: Of the two artifact sets Gladiator and Berserker, you should equip at least two parts each to receive the set bonus. You can exchange the latter for “Bloody Way of a Knight”, “Heroism” or “Wanderlust” if your crit chance is about 70 percent.

What are the benefits of the Fischl event?
We have summarized all important information about the event for you before it starts. We will explain how to get fishies and what other rewards you can expect.

The event itself will bridge the time until update 1.2 is released in December 2020, when there will be a snowy mountain range and new characters.



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