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Prince Kael’thas was once the prince of the blood elves who defended the magical kingdom of Quel’thalas against the remnants of the Scourge in Warcraft 3 and Burning Crusade. In search of redemption, Kael’thas was even willing to sacrifice his soul. After his death, the elven prince landed in the Shadow Lands in Revendreth to atone for his sins. To celebrate his return to WoW Shadowlands, Warcraft fan IKEdit has created a cool video in honor of Kael’thas, which is all about the new expansion for World of Warcraft.

The story of Warcraft 3 revolved around the races of Azeroth fighting for survival in the Third War. In their war of annihilation against mortals, the Burning Legion unleashed the undead Scourge, which raged primarily in the Eastern Kingdoms. Lordaeron and other human kingdoms fell victim to the undead. But even the elf kingdom of Quel’thalas was not spared by the Scourge. As champion of the Lich King, Prince Arthas led the army of the undead against the high elves. The undead not only destroyed the magical forests of the elf kingdom, but also the source of their power – the Sunwell.

This catastrophe marked the birth of the blood elves, which Prince Kael’thas briefly led after his father’s death. However, in search of redemption for his long-suffering people, the prince fell to the diabolical power of the Legion. Kael’thas was able to banish the Scourge, but the price was high. He died in Fortress of the Storms and later once again in the Magister’s Dungeon Terrace. In the hero trailer of Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard once again summarized his story in an impressive video.

With WoW Shadowlands, Kael’thas now returns to the big stage of World of Warcraft. He gets a new model in the campaign of Revendreth the former prince plays an important role.

To celebrate the return of Kael’thas Sunstrider, WoW fan and YouTuber IKEdit took the hero trailer from Heroes of the Storm as the template for a new video featuring the vampire figure of Kael’thas. The artist paid attention to numerous details in his work, such as the gloomy expanses of Revendreth, reminiscent of the ruins of Silvermoon. In the original video, Kael’thas fights Arthas and the Scourge in Silvermoon with devil’s magic. In the fan trailer, Kael’thas attacks Bolvar, the former Lich King, with blood magic. The fiery blood phoenix is especially impressive!

It remains to be seen whether a similar battle between Kael’thas and Bolvar will occur in WoW Shadowlands. IKEdit’s video will definitely make you want to check out the new expansion for World of Warcraft! And who knows, maybe the heroes of HOTS will soon get brand new cards and outfits that are all about Shadowlands.



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