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Since the launch of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there has been an increasing number of console gamers complaining about the new Aim-Assist feature. The Aim-Assist stops own movements for a short time to fix an opponent.

Aim-Assist is a feature that was designed to help console players improve their accuracy and precision. For example, a movement is slightly slowed down in order not to fly over a target. With Aim-Assist it is not only possible to unite PC and console gamers in a fair game, but also in general the gaming experience of the FPS shooter has been improved significantly.

In the new Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, however, there are some changes that are more of a hurdle than a help, especially for experienced gamers.

What goes wrong?
Essentially, there are some changes or additions that are very different from the previous games. A big difference is the early detection of an opponent. The Aim-Assist locates a target before it is in the crosshairs. At this point the Aim-Assist slows you down completely instead of just slowing you down a little.

So if you move your stick to the right and aim your crosshairs over an enemy moving to the left, the Aim-Assist will stop your movement before the enemy is in your crosshairs, even if you keep pressing right.

But it could be even worse! If your opponent continues to move in that direction, your movement will even follow the target … even if you keep moving the stick to the right.

This “target support” is very badly received by the community. According to the platform reddit, some players have already asked Activision for refunds. In a YouTube video of “TheXclusiveAce” it was made clear why the new “innovative” target support is a problem. The video was well received by the CoD community on both YouTube and reddit.

Here the video of TheXclusiveAce:


Treyarch has reacted in the meantime, as TheXclusiveAce confirms in their comments:

“UPDATE: Treyarch has contacted me on this issue, and apparently the target helper values (apart from distances) for Cold War have not changed. Nevertheless, they take the problems the community has experienced very seriously and are working hard to find the root of the problems”.

It remains to be seen whether the Aim function will improve. We will of course keep you updated on this!


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