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You need help breaking the combination lock in the safe house of the Black Ops: Cold War? story In the guide we will help you and tell you how to find the solution.

In the single-player campaign of Black Ops: Cold War, you will return to your team’s hideout again and again. You can explore the headquarters freely, but only one door is locked with a combination lock. The following guide will tell you how to break the code and thus the lock.

This is the numerical code for the lock
To open the door, you must enter the following code into the lock: 112263.

You may notice that this is the code you are looking for: In American spelling this is the date of death of the 35th President of the USA John F. Kennedy. To find out how to solve the riddle, look at the hint hanging next to the door.

You will have to find three different documents, all of which can be found in Russell Adler’s hiding place: A patient’s file, the Warren Commission report and a Dallas News article. In each of the three documents you will find two numbers highlighted in yellow, which together make up the code.

The locations of the information are as follows:

Patient file
After entering the safe house, turn left into the corridor that leads a little further. The patient’s file hangs on the left side next to an old fuse box.

Report of the Warren Commission
You can find the Warren Commission’s report on the floor just outside the locked door. The board with the cutout with the numbers you need is on the left of a small spotlight.

Newspaper article from the Dallas News
You can find the newspaper article from the Dallas News hanging on the right wall in the darkroom of the hiding place.

What is behind the locked door?
Behind the door, which you can open with the code, an arcade machine with the video game Barnstorming is waiting for you, as well as a computer running some programs and the text adventure Zork. Type “Is” into the text field and then you can choose from a few games.

Why the date of death of John F. Kennedy?
The 35th US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963. However, the Black Ops universe tells a different story: In the first game of the series, protagonist Alex Mason is imprisoned in Russia and brainwashed.

Mason is supposed to be used as a sleeper agent to assassinate the US president. So the story of the first Black Ops is almost exclusively about freeing Mason from his brainwashing. However, it is strongly implied that this is not entirely successful and that Mason is actually responsible for Kennedy’s death.

With the numerical code in the hiding place of the single player campaign, Cold War now alludes to the first Black Ops of 2010.


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