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The Combat Knife in Zombie Mode is awesome!

If you are looking for the best weapon against the zombies of Call of Duty: Cold War, we have a hot tip for you: The Combat Knife is outrageously efficient.

The zombie mode of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is no walk in the park. Especially for newcomers, fighting the living dead can be a challenge. Therefore we have a hot tip for you: The best weapon currently available for Zombie Mode is the combat knife.

Why this is so and how to use the knife for the Zombie Mode of Black Ops: Cold War is explained in the following article.

Why the combat knife is so good in Zombie Mode

This is how the fight against the zombies works: The zombie mode of Cold War can be summarized relatively simply: Four players fight on the so far only map “The Machine” against the living dead and try to survive level by level. And this becomes more and more difficult with each survived round.

This makes it all the more important to invest the points earned for each kill in a sensible way – for example, in a particularly efficient weapon or a power-up for your own character. You’ll have to conserve ammunition anyway – unless you choose the most efficient weapon in Cold War’s Zombie Mode: the knife.

One sting, one kill: In the zombie mode of Cold War, it is recommended to use the same weapon regardless of your personal weapon choice: Always keep moving! Don’t get pinned down or you will be overrun by the undead. Since the walking corpses like to get at you, shotguns, for example the Gallo SA12, prove to be quite effective.

Even more efficient is the combat knife, which you can also use in the Zombie mode of Black Ops: Cold War. You do not need to hold it in your hand: If you are in possession of the combat knife, the Combat Knife is automatically used when using the melee attack.

But more importantly: Almost up to level 15 of Zombie Mode, a single stab with the knife is enough to bring an undead to his knees. So this means that at least in the first rounds against the living dead you don’t actually have to use ammunition and you are also able to knock down your opponents with a one-hit-kill.

And even if the zombies get too tough for the knife during a match: The Combat Knife can be upgraded with the “Pack-a-Punch”, which you should have unlocked by the tenth round anyway: In exchange for 5,000 of your in-game currency you can make the knife even deadlier – additional upgrades are also available.

How do I unlock the Combat Knife? You unlock the knife by reaching level 13 in Black Ops: Cold War – no matter which game mode you play. This allows you to equip the Combat Knife as a secondary weapon in a class you create, both in multiplayer and in the zombie mode of Black Ops: Cold War.

How can I use the Combat Knife in Zombie Mode? Once you reach level 4 in any of the game modes of Black Ops: Cold War, you can create your own classes – not only in regular multiplayer, but also in Zombie mode. So once you’re above level 13, simply create a class and equip the combat knife as a weapon.

Tips & Tricks for the combat knife in Zombie Mode

Last but not least, we have a few tips for you on how best to use the Combat Knife in the Zombie mode of Black Ops: Cold War:

– Knife only: Do not use a firearm in the first few rounds – unless the zombies get the upper hand: one stab with the combat knife should be enough to kill an undead.

– Never stand still: Always keep moving and don’t get pinned down: Use the melee attack from the sprint to use the knife – this way you should hardly lose any speed.

– Grab the power-up “Stamina-Up”: This power-up for your character can be bought quite early for relatively little in-game currency and increases your sprint speed.

– Use the Pack-a-Punch for the Combat Knife: Invest your earned money to upgrade the Combat Knife up to three times. This way you can use the Combat Knife as a deadly weapon until the end game of the Zombie Mode.

– Don’t just rely on the knife: Of course, you shouldn’t rely on the knife completely – especially if you want to stand up to the minibosses of Zombie Mode. Save your money here for the most efficient firearm and/or the shooting club that has already proven its worth to you.

What experience have you had with Black Ops: Cold War’s Zombie Mode? Do you have any tips or recommendations for weapons or a particularly good tactic? Let us know in the comments.


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