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In Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War you can unlock side missions by decrypting evidence. What you need to do for ‘Operation Red Circus‘ can be found here.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War does a few things differently than many of its operations. Not only do you sneak more into the single player story campaign, but you can also make more decisions. You’ll even be able to gather evidence as you progress through the missions, which you can use to unlock multiple side missions. We will clarify what you need to do to unlock Operation Red Circus.

Operation Red Circus: How to unlock the optional side mission
Collect evidence: To get the basics, you’ll need to play the Cold War story campaign and collect certain evidence materials in each mission. For the optional story mission “Operation Red Circus” you will need the evidence from the following three story missions:

– Crack in the wall
– Desperate measures
– Echo of a Cold War

How and where you can find the evidence is listed here.

– Tear in the wall: Looking for Kraus’ briefcase in his apartment, you can bag the first evidence. Stun the woman and sneak into the office. In the desk drawer you will find a notebook and with it the first evidence you need.

– Desperate measures: The clock you need is located in an area that is actually off limits. On the far left of the map you have to enter the command center. The piece of evidence lies straight ahead on the desk, around which you have to creep around to the left. Keep your head down!

– Echo of a cold war: Grab the cassette in the first building. It is in the room full of equipment that you can see over the railing. When you’re close, you’ll hear the tape running, collect it and get a transcript.

Decode the evidence: The evidence is remixed with every single play. So the people you are looking for are different and different for each score. Now you have to find the right people and you can do this with the information from the evidence. Important are the location, a second location and the gender of the target.

The book will tell you the first location that the person must have visited
– The clock from “Desperate Measures” reveals the second location
– The cassette gives information about the sex of the person you are looking for

Take notes, so you don’t always have to switch back and forth between the evidence and screens. If you know who the targets are, you’re ready to go.


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