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The LoL-Preseason causes a lot of commotion in the community with the new item system. As a result, some of the items receive different hotfixes, while Riot Games is already concentrating on the next patch at the same time.

The completely reworked item system in League of Legends arrived on all live servers on November 11th with patch 10.23 and is causing a lot of commotion in the community. Besides criticism of the changed in-game store, players complain about some items that make especially tanks in the game disproportionately strong. Riot Games is now responding with a hotfix of these items, which gameplay designer Mark Yetter published on Twitter as usual.

Popular items on tanks – such as the Sunfire Aegis – give your champion armor and magic resistance while inflicting fire damage on attackers. This damage has been drastically reduced in the hotfix against both enemy champions and monsters. Following the pattern, Frostfire Glove, Turbo Chemtank and Bami’s Glutstein are now attenuated in addition to the Sunfire Agid.

Patch 10.24: Items still in focus
The upcoming patch for the preseason will also focus on the new item system. While the strict nerfs of the tank items will still apply, a long list of other items will also be adjusted.

Although the exact changes to each item are not yet revealed, the list gives a vague idea of what types of champions are being squeezed. With nerfs on Luden’s Storm, Void Former, and Liandry’s Suffering, mages can be quickly blown away, while eclipses are likely to hurt Assassins.

On the item buff side, AD carriers can look forward to octopus killing, and a stronger Moonstone Renewer will be relevant to supporters. Riot Games also seems to want to increase magic damage on juniors, but has not yet decided on an item.


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