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Shortly after the launch, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War struggles with balancing problems. Especially the MP5 is considered too strong. In Season 1 it should get better, Treyarch promises.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War has problems with balancing. This is not unusual a few days after the launch – but still many players are annoyed by unfairly strong weapons like the MP5 or the Scorestreak system. Developer Treyarch reacts to the criticism and promises that important changes will come with the 1st season at the latest.

What is criticized?
MP5 too strong: The submachine gun is extremely dominant in Cold War. It causes a lot of damage and has hardly any recoil. Its range is also generous, which is why it is used particularly often in multiplayer. As many discussions show, some players find the MP5 in its current form unfair.

Sniper too slow: Another point of criticism concerning the weapons from the Cold War is the target speed (ADS) of sniper rifles. Many players find them too slow. Compared to Modern Warfare, the snipers are actually slower, as the streamer Zephy on Twitter demonstrates.

Grinding takes a long time: Especially leveling up weapons with Weapon XP takes quite a while in Cold War. Many players find this too slow – and are annoyed that PlayStation owners automatically have an exclusive advantage.

How does the developer react?
Developer Treyarch seems to be aware of some problems as well. At the latest with the start of the first season, improvements should appear.

Already after the beta there were a lot of adjustments for Cold War, here you can find an overview of the release update. It remains to be seen what exactly Season 1 is doing with the weapons and scorestreaks until the patch notes are released. The first Season starts on December 10th, 2020.


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