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Every year Activision releases a new part of the Call of Duty series. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was released on November 13, 2020. We show you what’s in the game.

The 17th part of the CoD series is all about the Cold War. It’s a setting where people are already fighting with pretty modern weapons, but still lack the latest technology.

The single player
As in every Call of Duty, there is also a story mode in this one. The campaign is set in the cold war. Without too much spoilers, we can promise an action-packed story with some small side missions.


The classic multiplayer
Black Ops Cold War also features a variety of multiplayer modes. Besides the well-known representatives like Search and Destroy or Domination, Cold War also has new modes to offer.

Dirty Bomb

This mode is reminiscent of a Battle Royale. Squads of four land in a target area. Your mission is to collect uranium and detonate dirty bombs. If you are eliminated, you can drop again. The team that reaches a certain number of points first wins.

VIP Escort

In a 6 vs. 6 game, you must either escort a VIP so that he can be picked up by a helicopter, or prevent a helicopter from doing so. After each round the sides are changed. This mode can be very tactical.

Connected weapons

Linked weapons is not a single mode, but rather a group of different modes. Among other things there is also domination. The difference: The number of players is increased to 24 and there are vehicles like tanks. The whole thing reminds of Battle Field.

Zombie mode
Black Ops time is zombie time. Of course there is also a zombie mode in the latest Treyarch game. Here you have to survive, improve your equipment and survive again and kill many zombies along the way.

Warzone fans also get their money’s worth. Although you have to be patient for the right setting because the transition event is still to come, weapons and so on are already implemented in Warzone.

Waiting for the Battle Pass
For all players who like to level up the Battle Pass, it’s time to wait. The Battle Pass is also not scheduled to come until December, probably at the same time as the transition to Warzone.



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