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The new Call of Duty has finally arrived, but it’s not really getting started yet. The first season is still to come and with it the first Battle Pass.

Currently Black Ops Cold War is still in a kind of early stage, as it was in Modern Warfare right after the release of “Season 0”. This means that there is no Battle Pass until the release of the first Season and you can level your account and unlock the best weapons before the real action starts.

Recently Treyarch released an official roadmap showing the content of the first season. Also the date is mentioned: December 10th is the date.

Many new free contents
While the choice of cards for the launch is still relatively limited, this will change quickly. Even before Season 1, a new edition of the popular map Nuketown will be released, this time the teaser photo shows a desert setting and indicates radioactivity.

In addition, new maps for Season will be announced and the popular 2v2 firefight mode will return. As usual from Modern Warfare there will also be new weapons.

New for this are the announcement of new zombies modes and a secret warzone experience, as the roadmap says. Here, many suspect that it will be the Rebirth event and the Alcatraz mode.

Otherwise, the new Battle Pass will feature new emblems, business cards, skins and blueprints as usual. New operators could also be interesting.


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